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This open automobile was designed by the Italian coachwork designer PININFARINA.  The designs of Pininfarina are well known in Ferrari vehicles; most of them are designed by him. TheSpidereuropa Volumex is a unique car, which was built under the name of Pininfarina in the premises of Grugliasco (in the near of Torino). 500 pieces of this exclusive model was built; most of them exported to Germany. The price at that time:DM 32.500(~€ 17.000). The Spider Volumex was developed out of the type series FIAT 124 which were built from 1966 onwards. From 1982 followed the up grated version Pininfarina Spidereuropa with a 2 litre engine. The top model of this line, the Volumex, was build in the time from 1984 – 1986. After the  assembly of the last Volumex the whole Spider series were finished at all (despite the beginning convertible boom). As a result of these special characteristics, the small quantity of built Volumex and the felicitous classical designed the Pininfarina Spidereuropa Volumex, developed into  a collector’s vehicle. Unfortunately, the procurement of spare parts became a serious problem. Particular at the Pininfarina Spidereuropa Volumex is the performance: a 2 litre engine with compressor provides an astonishing power potential in the lower and middle speed range and a great torque. The interior is more modern against the forerunner model. Some of the cars come with authenticate leather seats. A particular attribute is the three part alloy rim made by the company Speedline and the mudguard broadening. The Spider Volumex was supplied only in two colours: Ruby coloured metallic (361 pcs) and black respectively black metallic (139 pcs).
About the Volumex
View under the engine bonnet of a Volumex. Eye catching is the across to the engine zigzagging primer of the compressor
Three parted Speedline alloy rim of the VX  Something special is the screws M7 at the external annulus of the rim. Not standard is the high gloss polishing of the annulus.
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