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Do you want to become a member of the Pininfarina Spider Volumex Club (Community of interests)? In 1990 the Pininfarina Spidereuropa Volumex IG was founded. It is an open and relaxed gettogether of Volumex drivers (no registered club). To qualify for membership one must own a Spider Volumex. The members of club contribute by exchanging experiences, describing problems and the corresponding solutions, relaying information about changes affecting the car, etc. Constructive criticism of the club and suggestions for changes and improvements are always welcome. An important way for members to help the club and fellow members is share any tips on where to obtain cheap replacement parts. Benefits: 1. Every year we organize a “national“ meeting in Germany and several regional meetings. We have members from all over  Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England. Ideally, each year another member organizes the meeting in order to meet in different parts of the country. 2. Three issues of our club magazine “Volumetrico Volumex“ are published every year in January, May and September. The magazine is copied on DIN A4 pages with a coloured front and back side. The magazine contains information, re- ports, experiences of the members, replacement parts collective orders and tips. Of course the content depends on the editorial help and assistance of the members.The club magazine also contains a members list so that the members can contact each other at any time. The list of members should not be given to 3rd party. 3. Since 1995 our club has a replacement parts  supply with special and rare parts for the Spider Volumex. Each member has the right to obtain parts from the supply at a favourable price. 4. Each member receives a membership card that entitles him or her to the benefits of the club. The card must be returned upon leaving the club; otherwise a fee of € 10,00 will be charged to the exmember. Membership fee: The membership fee amounts to € 50,00 per year (€ 55,00 for foreign members inside the EU). For members from overseas the fee must be increased depending on postal rates for the dispatch of the magazine. The fee subdivides into: a) The general fee of € 35,00 (€ 40,00 for foreign members inside the EU).The fee covers the costs of the club, the costs for the production and dispatch of the magazine, for telephone calls with members, the press, parts suppliers, FIAT and Pininfarina, etc. b) A fee of € 15,00 for purchase and logistics of the parts in the club supply. To have access to the supply parts, members who join the club must back-pay € 15,00 per year from 1995 and thereafter € 15 per year. The membership fee must be paid by December 1st for the following year.If you want to join the Pininfarina Spidereuropa Volumex Club, please complete the registration form and send it to:Uwe Binder
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